The ASTS Difference

ASTS provides all the program requirements of the Coast Guard, plus other important benefits:

Coast Guard Required:

Letter of Compliance
Each enrolled company will receive a formal Letter of Compliance for use during a Coast Guard review or audit of the member firm's random drug testing program. This document will list all Captains and crew enrolled in the random testing program.

Employee Roster

Each enrolled company will receive an Employee Roster listing all of the crew members that are in your pool, that are eligible for testing.  This list is provided to you when you first become a member and then on a quarterly basis.

Quality Random Testing and Notification Procedures
ASTS uses a sophisticated computer program to make the random testing selections. The computer system used by ASTS is state of the art, which ensures objectivity and accuracy. Notifications will be reported to you in the method of transmission you have chosen (email, mail, secured fax, call).

A Local Collection Site for Specimen Collection
Working with LabCorp, ASTS is able to provide a collection site close to you throughout the U.S. Your company will be given a list of sites closest to your company's main address.

Company Policy Statement
Each enrolled company will receive a written company policy statement on drug use. This statement should be signed by the owner of the firm and posted in a location where it is in full view to all company employees. ASTS will also provide a policy statement for all employees to sign.

Medical Review Officers and SAMHSA Certified Laboratories
ASTS uses a staff of Medial Review Officers to interpret every drug test result. The laboratory (LabCorp) used by ASTS is certified and inspected by the National Institute of Drug Abuse and SAMHSA for testing accuracy.

Additional Features

Plastic Identification Cards
Paper identification cards will be issued to every enrolled Captain or Crew member. If you wish to receive laminated cards, a fee of $1.00 per card will be billed to your account. Please contact us to set this up. Identification cards are to be used as proof of the employee's/contractor's enrollment in our random testing program. Identification cards are updated when a crew member provides a negative test.

Drug Free Vessel Sticker
Each company will receive a Drug Free Vessel sticker for each of your vessels. This sticker has proven to be an excellent means to display your company's compliance with the drug testing regulation.

Toll Free Support on the Coast Guard Drug Testing Regulation
ASTS staff members are fully knowledgeable on the marine industry and the Coast Guard's regulation concerning the drug testing regulation